Vicki Maenza

Art Gallery showcasing  the artist's paintings and prints

Artmaking is a process of co creating and allowing ourselves to be the medium.

Artist Vicki Maenza considers  herself  to be an artmaker, primarily  a painter and printmaker. Her paintings and monotype prints are layered and textured in a process oriented approach.  Collage is often integrated as a type of patina suggesting the passage of time and the back story that contributes to the presentation. The art gallery images represent current work , paintings and monotype prints.  

Inspiration is contagious

Maenza has been a working artist for 25 years.  A degree in art took a circuitous route to social work and a career in clinical counseling. " Art is a language that connects human experience and a bridge to healing and transcendence."  Maenza's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums all over the country.  "My  current work is based on the concept of seeking equilibrium while accepting paradox and contradiction.  It is work in progress."

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Vicki Maenza

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